Sock Monkey Alert

Hello alllll on this most wonderful of November Sundays.

We have a new sock monkey frenzy going on over at Six Degrees of Creativity. Be sure to go over and see what all the fuss is about.

As most of you will know the U.S. just had a national election. Quite a frenzy there too. Not to mention Hurricane Sandy. Friend Robin in New Jersey just got the electric power back on. So what is my point here…

Well, this morning, my kind husband came upon this inn


in the woods…

out on a quick photoshoot…

Talked with the innkeeper


who told him a tragic tale…

Seems a juvenile sock monkey wearing this ID tag (pardon the blurriness)


in a frenzy of his own escaped on the SockMonkey Underground Railroad (which as everyone knows ends right here in Grey County, Ontario).

However his relief was not to last long.

Savagely attacked and left for dead…


Well, my dear honey couldn’t bear the thought. He rescued him; brought him home.

Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow.

Please pray that we have success.


4 thoughts on “Sock Monkey Alert

  1. It does indeed, Gretchen! We think perhaps he was put into panic mode by the media with all its blathering that Ohio was going to Mitt. You know, Mitt kinda looks like he could have some sock monkey in his DNA…

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