The Learning Curve

I’ve never really ever finished school…and I like that. So now I’m learning how to use another tool to hike my art process up a notch and allow me to share it online. I’m doing digital collage…sometimes from my own “pages” but lately I got Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 and I’ve been playing around. This was inspired from Flypaper


Please let me know what (if any) emotions, thoughts, critiques this picture evokes in you. Thanks for being one of my teachers.


2 thoughts on “The Learning Curve

  1. I love this postcard:) It evokes strange reactions for me…It’s a blend of memories melting with future possibilities…different narratives from different points joining possible connections…. Not sure if I am amking any sense! 🙂

    • I really get what you’re saying lizzie! For me it was like that little girl (who looks remarkably like me at that age) was speaking to me from the past and whispering things I need to hear now.

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