Tiny Weekends

Over the month of December I got used to 3 day work weeks because I needed to take unused vacay. Now a regular weekend seems “tiny” by comparison. Still I only worked 3 days this week and next too. That’s because 1) New Year’s Day and 2) our youngest daughter is GETTING MARRIED! Sorry, guess my excitement is showing (or perhaps it’s just a tension release). Please forgive.

So on with the post. I’ve chosen (or rather it’s chosen me) my WORD for 2013 and it is being woven into my everyday. Each morning when I journal I write it on the top of the page. It seems to be integrating into my life. That word is RHYTHM.

Along with this word which is driving home to me how much I need to establish my own rhythm in my life, I also discovered through Lani‘s blog Christine Carter … who introduced me to … B J Fogg …

Long story short (and I do hope you will go to those links) I’m learning some new strategies to DO what I WANT to. You know, how I was saying that I wonder why it is that even when we know what we need to do, what we want to do … we often sabotage ourselves. So…just when I put this “out there”, I began to hear all sorts of ways that people have developed to “keep our resolutions”, “carve out new habits” and generally quit sabotaging our own successes. As the saying goes, when we are ready, the teacher(s) appear.

Whew! I’m pumped! Because, curiously (or not) it is working. I realize that I’m only just into January here, but I can feel shifts…of seismic proportions. And since I’ve thoroughly inculcated Self Compassion, as per Kristin Neff who was introduced to me by Rick Hanson (author of Buddha’s Brain and Just One Thing) who helped me to get on the meditation track of goodness, I’m not beating myself up if (and when) I slip up. Just get right back on track with the new strategies as guides.

So what I am hoping to do is to do a series of Tiny Weekends posts. Caveat! There will not be a tiny weekend next week. Weddings are huge. So there will not be a Tiny Weekend post. Next weekend you will have to make your own “fun”… which I am certain you are doing anyway.

This weekend I’ve completed lots of ATCs (small 2.5″ x 3.5” pieces of art meant to be traded, hence the name, Artist Trading Cards). I’m participating in a swap called Pocket Change . I felt I had to produce before the wedding so as not to disappoint or miss my deadline. I’ll share some images here:

Also I finished a few glue pages. I like to do mine 8″ x 5″ which is a standard index card size. These are for a private exchange and just for my own amusement…to keep my hand in the arts so to speak even when I’m distracted and busy, busy, busy. Tiny steps…tiny pieces of art.

Here they are:


As the weeks go by these Tiny Weekend posts will feature small pieces of art or glimpses at works in process. I do hope you’ll join me. Making art is healing and fun!

Hope the week ahead is wonderful for you…keep your own rhythm!


7 thoughts on “Tiny Weekends

  1. Susannah–congratulations on your daughter’s upcoming marriage–what a wonderful occasion! I love the idea of the tiny weekend posts–I know what it is like to go from the 3 day weekends down to the 2–and you make it work beautifully in the ATCs and the gluebook pages.

    • Thanks so much, Hannah. I should have credited you with helping me to get into a contemplative rhythm for making art. I find that I cannot watch TV (or Netflix really) without some old magazines, a glue stick and something to stick images on to. I like to embellish with some Sharpie pens in myriad colours and my Neo crayons. During this busy time, I’ve been able to carve out that little time and though it wasn’t “dedicated” strictly to making the art, it did help to satisfy the cravings. After the 14th I’ll be getting into a new rhythm of dedicated studio time and I owe that all to you!

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