A Muse’s progress

It’s not the speed that I had hoped for, but it has taught me to scale down my ideas for swaps somewhat. Still the many unexpected roadblocks and hurdles have been conquered and this project is coming together. There are still a few kinks that I need to work out because I am forewarned that metal will cause U.S. Customs to come unglued … and what collagist could be at peace with that. I’m sure the method to attach “arms” will come to me this week and Erica’s muse will wing her way to her…finally.

Here is the wonderful wire armature arms that I had first envisioned. Alas… this cannot be.Image

So instead this will have to suffice…


One hand waving. I’m coming, Erica, don’t be sad.

And then there is the fragrant dimsum …


And finally…


The wingeds….

She is anxious now to get on with her work … and so am I…


5 thoughts on “A Muse’s progress

    • Oh Erica, she is so anxious to get to you. I will be focusing attention on her this coming weekend and she’ll be winging her way to your house around Valentine’s day…She requires focused attention; unlike ATCs and glue pages, she demands that detail be just so. But her demands are sweet and gentle, so not to fear that she will be a hard taskmaster. She whispers her thanks along each step of the way and encourages me to keep trying new things to achieve her desired results.

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