ATCs anyone?

Over at the Art Therapy Alliance’s  Six Degrees of Creativity  we celebrated the new year and the closing of another session of learning new techniques with a swap called Pocket Change.   How it worked was you sent 4 ATCs and you received 3 ATCs back. Well, smarty pants moi made four times three and got back


ALLLLLLLL these goodies! Whoot! Click on the pic to embiggen and read the fine print. tee hee.

Thanks Gretchen Beth … and Hannah this was so much fun!

10 thoughts on “ATCs anyone?

    • Yes Earith I did…thank you very much. I’m sure you’ll get more soon. Let me know if you need more! I’m having such fun making these. I do them in front of Netflix, on my lunch hour at work, and with clients!

      • I’m not really expecting any more. I was told the swap is over and they thought i only wanted 4 back and the rest were gifts… Go figure.

        I agree ATCs are addictive. I’d really love to get an ATC from u!!!

    • Yes, I did Julie! Love it! And will definitely like your page. Let me know how to reach you (email me at susanna[dot]suchak[at]gmail[dot]com … and I’ll send you one of mine)

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