Full Sturgeon Moon

I am getting back on track with making Full Moon Dreamboards as introduced to me by Jamie Ridler

This one, however, is a puzzle and I’d love some insights others receive from it. Please, have a good look and make some comments.

Nya:wen and Thank you…


Full Cold Moon

Walking to St. Thomas Anglican Church last night to deliver cookies for the Cookie Walk today all i could feel was the welcoming silence, snow under my feet, snow clouds overhead, twinkling lights all around…and silence like a hug wrapped all around me.

Getting back to journaling, reading, making collages…has stilled the nonsensical need to have approval, more letters after my name, an institutional stamp on my forehead (in a manner of speaking) … and has allowed me to reconnect with my self, to hear my own voice, to reclaim my own dreams. And today Jamie Ridler’s tweet about her Full Moon Dreamboard inspired me.

If classes were still going on, I would have ignored the pull to engage in a full moon activity of any sort, but today i do have the time. It’s what I choose to do … for me.

What I did this time is a 2 page spread in my journal.

Here is what came to me today.

closeup of left side

(just click on the image to “embiggen” them)

close up

of right side

As Jamie taught me you just open up the nearest magazine or flyer and cut the pictures, the words, the colours that speak to you. Don’t ask why! Just snip, snip, snip — even tear, if you’re brave.

Then arrange them on your page (you can do them really big … poster or bristol board size) or like me just do a page or two in your journal of the moment. Remember this is not “art” … it’s intuitive. Try to just clear your head, put your brain in neutral and just feel.

After it’s all put together, I let it rest for a bit. Later, I’ll light a candle and ponder the images, the words, and i’ll journal what they are whispering to me. I’ll still myself and lean into the silence … who knows what I’ll discover?

I’m hoping to inspire others in my own community to do the same. I’d like if we could do it together. Would you like to join us? I hope so. If you do just comment and I’ll get back to you with more information. Make 2012 your year to connect with your self…the one that is waiting in the shadowy silence to speak her (or his) own voice.

And a little eye candy for you on this Full Cold Moon (taken today)

courtesy of Jeff Suchak at Mythic Landscape