It’s Sunday night and I am still sick. Over on 14 Secrets, my friend Lani posts a challenge   based on some of Jeff Suchak‘s digital images. You won’t see them on his website, but if you’re on Facebook, you just might. Anyway, I really must rise to this challenge. Art based on these dizzyingly beautiful images. I’m into glue book pages right now (and frankly that’s about the most challenge I can manage right now…so here goes.

Here’s the original…


Then I painted some of the cream, black.


Then I thought I’d try to learn something new in Photoshop Elements


I sure have a lot to learn about Photoshop Elements!

Fun playing. But it’s naptime now.

Hopefully it inspired you to try your hand at the layers challenge!



2012 shall be my year to wear my fierce face which is not to say that my face will be angry, scary, or warrior-like. But my face shall be fierce.

So what do i mean by “fierce“? Well, you might ask…and so … since you ask, i will tell you. You could just click the link and read for yourself, but I’m going way back to the 13th, 14th and 15th Centuries for my definition of “fierce” … mid-13c., “proud, noble, bold.”

Indeed! I’m taking Danielle Porter’s lovely poem to heart… I shall be “fiercely tender and still grow wild”…

One thing that I mean by this statement is that I will be vulnerable and open, willing to take risks, while still listening to my heart and doing only what feels right for me.

Vulnerability means taking risks. If we don’t take risks our lives will be small, narrow, unfulfilled. I’ll have none of that with the days I have left to me. I want expansive, wide, wonderful days and lots of them. I want days that allow me to say, “Well done!” at the end of my days. I want to die with a satisfied smile on my face … and no regrets.

Wishes for winter

Jamie Ridler faithfully prompts us to wish every Wednesday. Today she asked, “What is your winter wish?” Since today was almost as hectic as yesterday, I had to wait till this evening to even give this some thought. So what do I wish for winter? What is my winter wish?

Aside from a long, red “swing” coat

and new high boots

…there is nothing i can think of. Though I am having fun playing on Pinterest

Nothing I really, truly need really.

I have plenty and then some as Susan Werner sings. So as she sings…when you have plenty and then some the thing to do is to share that. So my wish for this winter is the opportunity to do just that.

I want to share and serve. I wish to build up a community around me. And then I want to serve the community where I have found myself at home.

Oh and I want to become a real “expert” with Photoshop Elements 10

in gratitude to my husband for gifting me with this.

What do you wish for this winter tide?


Taking Lani’s collage and photoshopping class is such fun!

Here is my latest layering…

I took a texture that I named “gold”

added a double dose of “sidewalk_crack”

then a dash of french postcard (a giftie from Flickr)

and lastly I added a nostalgic picture of a lovely walk down a farm lane.

and here is what I came up with

It is called…”that day is written on my heart.”

See you later. Off to watch hoops.

To the left is my original journal collage

based on Brian Andreas’  StoryPeople quote,

“Someday, the light will shine like a sun through my skin.

And they will say “What have you done with your life?”

And though there are many moments I think I will remember

… in the end I think I will be proud to say, “I was one of us.”

I was pleased with the original page,

but since I am taking Lani’s Collage Class I had the bright idea to play with it using Photoshop Elements and “digitize” it…

To the right is the result…sadly I have noticed

–too late i fear– that I spelled though with a “t” on the end.

It’s good, I guess…

They both satisfy me.

In the collage on the left…I particularly like the heart aflame

which I must confess was pure accident…

as in all collage

as in all art

what we conceive

may indeed

have it’s own “mind”

and hence the outcome

may differ from our original conception…

Still something tells me that I enjoy the


of the components of a collage.

That is to say, I like to use my hands.

I played with layers, healing brushes, brushes, smudging…and adding text.

I learned a lot and I think I could master this, but all the while I was on the computer

pushing my mouse around and “undoing” many of the steps to fix them…

my hands and fingers were itching to touch the screen and just do what I wanted to do.

I hope you’ll tell me which one you prefer and why though.

Because I’d like to think that there will come a day when I’ll need/want to do this more.

I’m sure that eventually I will gain enough skill to actually enjoy doing a completely digital collage.

Right now…I think I need encouragement to keep on this steep learning curve.