Grungy Backgrounds

We got to talking today about backgrounds and how I find many of mine are of the grunge style. I enjoy working with gesso soooo much. It makes the page like velvet (once sanded) and so I thought I’d share some of mine with you. Beats trying to write a lengthy post after ball class, conditioning, and then shovelling for an hour. You know snow, you can’t let it get too far ahead of you!

Anyway I hope you enjoy a peek into my journal.

I’ll post a few more pages each day for the rest of the week, so as not to get the page too image heavy and slow to download. I know, it’s 2011, but some of my friends in the rural area around here are still on a much slower download speed and I don’t want to leave them out.

The pink spread is a tribute to my mum. The pink is because what finally killed her was cancer.

The text is from an article about heart surgery and the pioneers in the development of innovative treatments for heart disease. The teacup was cut from a huge picture of the very first pacemaker. My mum was on her second pacemaker and when she had it implanted she told me that if I didn’t

mind that she didn’t want a third. Since that was 10 years off I assured that I’d honor that wish. I never got the chance. I wish I had.

To the right is a detail of the left side of the spread.

But the quote I found is the real salute to her. She lives inside my brain and heart as well as the brains and heart of each of her grandchildren, who I am sure miss her as much as I do. I know you’d do up this season with a lot more fanfare than I do, mum, but I always light a candle for you and Frosty the snowman will be lit in your honour! Hold on! I’m coming. Keep a cozy space for me wherever you are.


Befriending our shadows

Snowed in again.

Well not really, I shovelled out, but left another hour for Amos to deal with when he wants to get his car out tonight to go to work. I figure one and a half hours is this ol’ girl’s limit. Our lane is so short and you run out of places to throw the snow if you don’t give yourself a wide berth at the outset of winter. You just know there is more to come! Weather report calls for at least 15 cm more over the next few days. Luckily this batch is lighter than the early squalls dumped.

I just finished a paper for my program in Spiritual Direction (Jubilee Ontario) in which I focused on the shadow side of our soul and how we need to befriend it. In doing research I came upon Brenée Brown’s book, “I thought it was just me…” (a book I highly recommend for all women of any and all ages). Her work was quite telling and very helpful in my own research. Then today, I was following links about journaling (mostly extreme visual journaling) and lo and behold there I am at her blog! Holy coincidence, eh, Batman?

Another coincidence…what I use to live authentically, to explore and shed light on my own shadows, and to live whole heartedly is extreme journalism.
Life is a circle!

Hope y’all will join me on the journal journey in the new year. It’s a wonderful (if sometimes bumpy) ride.

Oh and here is a peek at my religious timeline which I had to submit for a covenant group that I belong to.

In case you can’t quite make out the sentence at the bottom (the page isn’t finished yet)

it says, “All of life is a constant recreating.”


No, I’m not talking about shopping. I don’t do that. What I have just finished – at least in draft form – is my paper for Spiritual Direction on The Shadow. I’ll share a bit with you particularly the art work that will accompany and enhance it soon. Right now I have to hustle my bustle on to bed.

It sure is a blustery night though. Sarnia is in a state of emergency. People stranded all over Hwy 402 though for the life of me I cannot understand what would drive someone to attempt the roads tonight.

Saying that,  I realize that our son, Amos did just that. Though it was in town not the highway because he works at a local nursing home.

So, I’ll see you soon! Snuggle up with someone you love and stay warm. Be safe stick close to home.