Sweet Lulu left Owen Sound and arrived in London, with a new name—Barb Marley! So suits her. Can’t blame a girl. Took on a whole new identity too. Now she seems “married” to Ringo. Don’t they make a lovely couple? Ahhh love…ain’t it grand!


And on another note…glue pages and ATCs arrived safely in Edmonton. ATCs were a little random act of art for a dear friend.


And last, but certainly not least, Erika’s muse arrived safely in Washington, DC! All on the same day! Whoot!!

ImageImageImageShe is actually a journal (even her sleeves! With lots of encouraging sayings, haiku, and snippets of poetry to provide lots of artsy encouragement to Erika!

Now on to prayer flags and knitting for the summer surprise … a wee granddaughter! Whoot!


Winged Muse Alert!

Suzanne Calo Martino has finished her winged muse. I am almost breathless, she is so beautiful and inspiring. Are you feeling inspired?

We folk at 14 Secrets lead by the amazing Lani G are pretty doggone amazing. Let me know what you think, please.


Next intention word says a great deal. Let’s look at the etymology of that word:

spirit (n.)  mid-13c., “animating or vital principle in man and animals,” from O.Fr. espirit, from L. spiritus “soul, courage, vigor, breath,” related to spirare “to breathe,” from PIE *(s)peis- “to blow” (cf. O.C.S. pisto “to play on the flute”). Original usage in English mainly from passages in Vulgate, where the Latin word translates Gk. pneuma and Heb. ruah. Distinction between “soul” and “spirit” (as “seat of emotions”) became current in Christian terminology (e.g. Gk. psykhe vs. pneuma, L. anima vs. spiritus) but “is without significance for earlier periods” [Buck]. L. spiritus, usually in classical L. “breath,” replaces animus in the sense “spirit” in the imperial period and appears in Christian writings as the usual equivalent of Gk. pneuma. Meaning “supernatural being” is attested from c.1300; that of “essential principle of something” (in a non-theological sense, e.g. Spirit of St. Louis) is attested from 1690, common after 1800.

excerpted from: the Online Etymology Dictionary (

We’ll have to spend sometime sorting this out, but for now it speaks of how I see myself “being” in the world. Alive, full of breath, vital, soulful (full of feeling), courageous and a super natural be-ing.

Not supernatural, but a super, natural be-ing … not just “doing” but being present in my body, mind and deep in my soul.

As a tip of the hat to this word, I have begun to create figurative art once again…dolls, if you will…but much more than dolls…”spirit dolls”.

The first one is now in her cosy home in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Her name is Mandala Woman and she is companion to the real-life Mandala Woman, Kathryn Tisdale.

I hope I have captured her spirit here. Admittedly, I am out of practice … and all art is practice. I have been “buried in books” for quite some time. Both literally, as in, I have been busy making books, altering books, journaling in books. And figuratively, as in, I have had my nose buried in a book since September studying at Huron.

But this is a new beginning…not because the calendar says so, but my heart says so. My heart calls me in a different direction and by saying I need to pay attention to that I mean that I need to listen to my spirit. That will allow me to be spirited in 2012.

I have a feeling I’ll be dancing a lot more!