Someone’s been busy…


Could that be Sheila Lorenzo at the sewing machine with a “winged muse”???


Paper Stash Swap

Over at Gluebook Goodness (see Six Degrees of Creativity) we are in the midst of a paper swap. I tried to give my partner, who lives in Florida, a glimpse of my little corner of the world by including local tourist maps, indie mags and dyed in the wool Canadian magazines like Walrus and very old issues of The Beaver (now known as Canada’s History) clippings.


Also I included photocopies of some of Jeff’s photographs (just the 35 mm ones) with local flora and geographical and topographical details. I even sent it airmail because the postie clerk said it would get there at least a week faster. Canadian mail can seem slow to people in other places of the world. I certainly hope she enjoys it.Image


Now it’s time for me to just sit and wait for my own little packet of surprises to arrive! Whoot! Fun, fun, fun.