Amy Cuddy spoke at TED recently about how your body language changes your mind changes your brain changes your life.

Rick Hanson has taught me so much about how your mind can change your brain can change your relationships, your communication, your life.

And I want to share this I wish to be the change…

I want people who are marginalized by politics, by corporations, by powermongers to hear this.

Can you help me?

Can you share this message?

Maybe together we can change what really matters. Thanks.


Turtle Journal Cover … new beginning.

Turtle Journal Cover ... new beginning.Today is Wednesday…the day my tribe casts wishes. I’ve been away so long, I feel a stranger, but it’s interesting that

Jamie Ridler

poses this question today, “What do you wish to start?

Talk about synchronicity! Which I must say I am…

Why my dears, just at lunch with my very dear friend Jamie (another Jamie with whom I’ve been working through Melody Beattie’s40 Days to a Miracle”) and I decided to switch gears from this process we’ve been doing for 18+ months and focus more on being accountable first to ourselves (and with each other) on giving ourselves permission to focus more on our artistic endeavours.

So tomorrow we start. My intention for this next period will be to spend at least one-half hour per day working on the above project which has been patiently waiting for YEARS. Yes, dear hearts, years.

Oh I hear those sighs, see those heads nodding. We all do it. So what better day to start than today? Just the prodding and prompting I needed from my two favourite Jamies.

Each day each of us will be accountable to spend the time we commit to and before hitting the pillow to email one word, “DONE!” to our partner.

Simple, no?

Day at a time.

It’s about time!


Here we go again! and with much glee and gladness. Once again it’s Wishcasting Wednesday with Jamie Ridler. And the question for today is: What or whom do you wish to make peace with?

I wish to make peace with how i feel about where i live AND to make the necessary changes so that I can live in peace in a home, in a place, that i can truly love and flourish.

That’s it. It won’t be easy. It will serve up many challenges. But i’ve put it out there and ask that you join me in wishing for me what i wish for myself.

My New Year will begin on the 12th day of Christmas, January 6th on which day I will post my word for the year. Watch for it! I think it’s already working in me.

Wishes for winter

Jamie Ridler faithfully prompts us to wish every Wednesday. Today she asked, “What is your winter wish?” Since today was almost as hectic as yesterday, I had to wait till this evening to even give this some thought. So what do I wish for winter? What is my winter wish?

Aside from a long, red “swing” coat

and new high boots

…there is nothing i can think of. Though I am having fun playing on Pinterest

Nothing I really, truly need really.

I have plenty and then some as Susan Werner sings. So as she sings…when you have plenty and then some the thing to do is to share that. So my wish for this winter is the opportunity to do just that.

I want to share and serve. I wish to build up a community around me. And then I want to serve the community where I have found myself at home.

Oh and I want to become a real “expert” with Photoshop Elements 10

in gratitude to my husband for gifting me with this.

What do you wish for this winter tide?

Going deep

Oh my goodness, school’s out for the semester and I am able to join my Jamie Ridler tribe in Wishcasting Wednesdays. So what question does Jamie post this week (this week after her birthday! Happy lately) “What is your deepest wish?”

Now this is difficult. Because if you really go deep you sometimes hit gold, but you might also hit bedrock. It can be brutally hard to really go deep and state out loud (as some of my “tribe” have done) your deepest wish. It takes a lot of courage. Do I have the patience? Do I have enough courage? Do I have wisdom to really know when I have gone deep enough to know that yearning that whispers in the shadows of my self what it is that I wish for?

I just had a most important call. That stirs something inside me. This opportunity would give me a chance to serve in a very meaningful way; to serve the people…ALL the people…ALL the Treaty People. And that is what I yearn for…to serve. To share my gifts to touch people and to heal hurts that go back hundreds of years.

Props to my hubby, Jeff at Mythic Landscape for the spiderweb photo. Even if I took it (and I can’t remember if I took this exact one) he was beside me coaching! He is a great coach!

Just a day or so ago, I created this page…so now that moment of Aha! is here. Now I must go deeply until I hear that Aha! That Ahhhh!

Today that is what I woke up knowing and aching for. Service is what I yearn for. Connection, purposefulness, and meaning. That is my deepest wish. May it be so! Aho!

Immerse yourself…

Another Wishcasting Wednesday rolls around and Jamie asks What do you wish to immerse yourself into?

But today, I must pass on wishing because i am immersed in getting caught up and into placements. I am immersed in fulfilling a dream. I am immersed in the learning, reading, writing tasks of going back to school, finishing that degree. And I’m just too happy to want to wish for more. Life is good…when it all comes together.

But i hold my tribe in my heart and gratefully express that as you each wish for yourselves, so i heartily and wholeheartedly wish for you also! Peace be to your houses!


Photo by Jeff Suchak of Mythic Landscape

Jamie Ridler poses the question, “What guidance do you wish for?” on this Wishcasting Wednesday and all i can muster is … Oh my! What DON’T i want guidance in as i step out in faith to finish my MTS degree at Huron University College, Faculty of Theology, UWO

I do a 6 hour round-trip commute … Get me there safely and Guide me safely all the way home

I am taking two courses in Pastoral Theology … Give me wisdom and the words to not only “do no harm”, but to do good, to do G-dde’s will, G-dde’s work in the world, this real flesh and blood, messy world.

I am presenting a proposal to do “Living the Questions” at my Parish in … Guide me to be comfortable in the Mystery and to gently hold the hands of those who make discoveries that may make them uncomfortable with their past, may resurrect painful memories, may discover more and more questions … to be an encourager and never, never give answers, for they would only be my answers, not theirs.

Oh yes, “work life balance” (there is a quiz here if you wonder about yourself) is essential if i am to model good congregational leader health … and if i am to be a wholly holy and healthy human being … Guide me as i balance the medicine wheel of life…

Guide me as i stay in relationships that i treasure; direct my hands to do the work in the time i schedule for it, to find sources for my thesis that will allow me to state my case and/or surprise me, to connect regularly and meaningfully with friends, with family, with my very significant “other”, get enough exercise, eat healthy foods…and just enough,

go to the places that fill me up and make my heart sing!

Guidance…gentle, insistent, ephemeral at times, parabolic and paradoxical at other times, but always wholly holy…

May i seek to hold Creation as an interconnected web of life …

not to understand but to be in the midst and comfortable in the midst of what seems perplexing…









May i seek Guidance consistently and constantly through prayer and meditation, through mindfulness and being fully present, through active and full body listening. May it be so.

Goin’ down the road…

Jamie Ridler asks her wonderful Wishcasting Wednesday question, “What path do you wish to follow?”

And a song pops into my head…

The line, “I ain’t gonna be treated thisaway.” strikes a chord in me.

That’s the path i wish to follow. Self understanding, self nurturing, self respect. But “sometimes people just want to be critical” and i am reminded of Christine Kane‘s email in my inbox this morning which speaks to just this thing.

Christine explains, “Criticism is never about you. It’s always about the person doing the criticizing.” And so i wish to consciously, mindfully realize that when those painful memories pop up, or when i feel hurt by someone’s words. I wish to give them back to the Universe realizing that i don’t have to own their hurt, their anger, their self-righteous, judgemental attitude…nor do i have to feel compelled to heal their hurt either.

Oh yes, one more thing…again prompted by Christine, “Give up criticizing!” Exactly so, i will wish to stroll away softly, breathing deeply and completely, when i feel compelled to criticize, judge, or give advice that was not asked for. Letting go of that need to fix things, to make peace by bending with every slight breeze that blows my way, i hold fast to my own dreams, my own life…and be at peace.

And lastly i wish to go down that wonderful path with friends who love me unconditionally…especially when they have 4 feet and greet me with a bright doggy smile!

I am looking forward to this Fall hiking with my honey, kicking the leaves, inhaling that wonderful healing scent of the forest, the waves, and the open air.

Join me, join us, and cast your wish today!

Saying no?

Jamie Ridler posts her usual prompt for Wishcasting Wednesday.

“What do you wish to say no to?” My head reels with the long list. Which do i pronounce? Can i actually say no? So i visit others’ sites. Yes, this wishcasting is done in community…a construct that is pivotal to who i am and how i define my long and varied career choices. They all add up to community building, which i now prefer to call, creating my own tribe.

Today is also “Facebook Reads Day” and I have just lately said yes to my burning need to read. Writers not only write, they read…voraciously!

I am spurred to share a quote from Beth Powning‘s book, Shadow Child which i just began to read last night…”…I abandon it. I don’t understand the degree to which I will regret this decision later, or the way in which this feeling of acquiescence, which I think is agreement, becomes familiar and a pattern that’s hard to break. I know that there’s a warped feeling left, once I’ve made the decision to abandon my plan. I’m like a child who knew she shouldn’t let go of her balloon string, but thought it was the right thing to do.”

Ah, yes…all the nos i should be saying “talk to the hand” to can be summed up in that one small group of words…I will say no to acquiescence and believing it to be agreement. I will focus on saying yes only when i have weighed it against my values, my gut instincts, my heart. I will say no more often then, but i will say it slowly and with careful measure. I can then also say no to regret. Nuff said.

I will say yes to nasturtiums and apricot jam.

I will say yes to pears and peaches in season.

I will say yes to the comforts of curling up under an old quilt in front of the fire immersed in a great book/read (because some of those reads are on my Kindle).

I will say yes to the me that goes barefoot, communes with nature and hikes the trails. Yes! Come October.

All photocredits to me but the art is definitely the bold loveliness of Meg’s cards.  See Tangerine Meg for much more!


Jamie Ridler says, “You can be a maker of magic and a tender of wishes. It’s easy.” And while it may not always be “easy” it is possible and so i invite you to join us in wishing today.

We respond to the prompt, “What do you wish to enjoy?” And though i tried to get a very early start today, i’m stumped. Yes, can you imagine, me, at a loss for words? Well, worse than that i’m stumped for a wish. So i’ll sit here and ponder a bit…

Oaky doakey so that’s just an ATC i made for a friend. We are working through Carol Lloyd’s book, “Creating a Life Worth Living” and there is an exercise called, Life is… and you fill in the blank until you can’t think of anymore things to say. I had a sizeable list, or so i thought, until i saw my friend rosann’s. Wow! she has a whole page!

Here is the front of cookie crumbles…

And the other two…

And then i am following links to Karen Maezen Miller and find this…

“Do you abandon yourself to preoccupations with the past?”

in a post on “parenting” of all things….

Wherein she says, “We don’t see our lives clearly when we live it as though it has an external object and outcome.”

In other words, how you parent (or more actually how you “mother”) yourself is as important as how you mother the children, the people in your life. And that got me to thinking… If i were to parent myself as i had parented my children what would that mean? I mean we try to be good parents, even great parents, but we don’t have the toe tags that should come with a care and maintenance label for each child who comes into our lives. We grow together or we grow apart. And there is no judgment entailed in that statement, nor should there be.

But parenting roles change…and change…and change. As with our children so with our selves. We need to change how we “mother” our selves as we change. It’s not so hard to find “me” time now. But it is just as important. It’s not so hard to eat right, get enough sleep, or read a book either. It is hard though to not beat myself up for what i coulda woulda shoulda done. And that ties in with last week’s post in which i wished that i could stop that! Still working on it.

But if i give up on that stuff, what to wish to enjoy? I have it!

I think for today, just for today, i’m going to wish to enjoy letting go of the past. The mistakes, and the dreams, and the plans, and the degrees i haven’t finished. Just for today, and maybe for a bunch of tomorrows I am going to enjoy that the past is past and that i have to plow a whole new path into an unknown future. And, you know, that’s a goodenough wish for me, for now, for today.

So today what i’m wishing to enjoy is “Shooting for the Moon!” Hope you can join me in wishing this for me. Thanks…